Conference Schedule

Transformed Women’s Conference Schedule

THURSDAY     November 7, 2019

6:00p.m.— Registration, Bookstore, Coffee Bar Open

6:30p.m.— Sanctuary Doors Open

7:00p.m.— Worship: BVC Worship

FRIDAY November 8, 2019

8:30a.m.— Registration, Continental Breakfast and Coffee Bar

9:30a.m.— Sanctuary Doors Open

10:00a.m.— Session 1- Speaker: Suzi Nowak

12:00p.m.— LUNCH (included in ticket)

1:00p.m.— Coffee Bar Open

1:30p.m.— Sanctuary Doors Open

1:45p.m.— Session 2– Speaker: Suzi Nowak

3:30p.m.— R&R and Dinner on your own

6:30p.m.— Sanctuary Doors Open— Worship with BVC Worship

Session 3— Speaker: Suzi Nowak

SATURDAY November 9, 2019

8:30a.m.— Continental Breakfast and Coffee Bar

9:00a.m.— Session 4– Suzi Nowak