BVC Community Groups

We believe in CIRCLES not just ROWS!  In the book of Acts, not only did the church gather in large settings, but also in small community groups, from house to house.  Biblical Growth happens when we experience doing life together.

The purpose of Community Groups is to help individuals CONNECT with other believers, DISCOVER their God-given purpose, EQUIP members to walk in victory as mature believers, and SEND them out to reach others.

We have a BVC Community Group EVERY day of the week!  BVC Community Groups range in size from 5-15 people and meet in designated homes, parks, and restaurants across the community. Meetings usually last 90-120 minutes and consist of a time of fellowship, prayer, and Bible studies focused around selected topics or interests, but all center the common unity of Jesus. Some of the groups will meet weekly and some bi-weekly, but regardless we have a group that is convenient for your schedule.

Check back with us soon for more Community Groups in the near future.