BVC Community Groups

We believe in CIRCLES not just ROWS!  In the book of Acts, not only did the church gather in large settings, but also in small community groups, from house to house.  Biblical Growth happens when we experience doing life together.

The purpose of Community Groups is to help individuals CONNECT with other believers, DISCOVER their God-given purpose, EQUIP members to walk in victory as mature believers, and SEND them out to reach others.

We have a BVC Community Group EVERY day of the week!  BVC Community Groups range in size from 5-15 people and meet in designated homes, parks, and restaurants across the community. Meetings usually last 90-120 minutes and consist of a time of fellowship, prayer, and Bible studies focused around selected topics or interests, but all center the common unity of Jesus. Some of the groups will meet weekly and some bi-weekly, but regardless we have a group that is convenient for your schedule.

To join a BVC Community Group you must first sign up.  We will have signups in person or online on September 19th & 26th.  We will launch Fall Semester Community Groups in October that will last 8 weeks, from October 4th – November 22nd.


Women’s Study - Get Out of Your Head

Time: Weekly (6 Weeks) / 6pm

Location: Moorefield Residence, WV

Group Leader: Mary Jo Johnston

A Study in Philippians, a 6-session bible study to share the truth that you are not at the mercy of your thoughts and feelings.  You can be free.


As the Bereans - Bible Study & Prayer

Time: Weekly / 6-7:30pm

Location: Petersburg Residence, WV

Group Leader: Mary Davis

An in depth Bible Study, considering the Book “God is absolutely Good” by Robin Bullock for our study.  This book is about seed, time, and harvest.

Country Cupboard

Time: Weekly – 6-8pm

Location:  Moorefield Residence, WV

Group Leader: Holly Shockey

Making Blessing Bags & collecting supplies for area pantries.

Addiction & Recovery Based – You are Special

Time: Weekly / 6-8pm

Location:  Colts Restaurant, 425 S. Main St. Moorefield, WV 26836

Group Leader: Lucy Stonestreet

Working with young adults who are in addiction or abuse.

Beginning steps to a Healthier Life

Time: Bi-weekly / 6pm

Location: BVC

Group Leader: Pam Young

For anyone who wants to start to get fit. Beginning stretches and Zumba with some habit changing tips and learning who we truly are.

Fierce Moms

Time: Weekly / 6pm

Location: McDonalds – Petersburg, WV

Group Leader: Tiffany Parker

Group for moms who fiercely love their kids and families while loving and pursuing a Fierce Jesus!  Our study will be Fierce Jesus by Lisa Harper.  This is a group that will study but also a time where moms can share struggles and encouragement!  The group is open to kids.

Run for GOD

Time: Weekly / 6:30pm

Location: Brighton & Town Park

Group Leader: Scott & Renee Fawley

Run for God is a community program designed for people of all fitness levels.  It will involve times of gathering as a group to learn the basics of running, with a spiritual theme.  The running will occur as a group and on your own time.  The 8-week run end result will be group participation in a local 5k (if you choose).


Let us Pray

Time: Weekly / 6pm

Location: BVC

Group Leader: Karen Fisher

The basic principles of prayer to help you develop your prayer life with more confidence and faith.  You will not be asked to pray aloud, but a time of gaining teaching, training, and confidence to confidently and comfortably learn to prayer.

Grandparents Raising Grandkids

Time: Bi-weekly / 9:15am

Location: Hardy County Public Library

Group Leader: Stephanie Bedal

Support Group and free resources for Grand families. Children Welcome, but Childcare not provided.


Mending Cracks in the SOUL

Time: Weekly / 6-7:30pm

Location:  Rig Residence, WV

Group Leader: Margaret Dean & Sandy Weese

Healing of the past Emotions, through the study book – Mending Cracks in the Soul, The Role of the Holy Spirit in Healing Wounds by Dale Sides.

Couples - Being God's Beloved

Time: Bi-Weekly / 6pm

Location:  Petersburg Residence, WV

Group Leader: Derek & Ashley Bailey

We will be studying “The Art of Marriage”, we will focus on fellowship and growth in both personal and the spiritual walk for Couples.


Crazy Love Study & Outreach

Time: Weekly / 6-7:30pm

Location: BVC & Various areas(tba)

Group Leader: Ellie Sparks

Crazy Love by Francis Chan is a Bible Study Group focusing on Jesus us he has called us into a passionate love relationship with him.  We will also put this love into action by collecting items and an optional outreach into our local schools.


Hope Hill

Time: Bi-Weekly / 6pm

Location: Cabins Residence, WV

Group Leader: Rachelle Hedrick

Food, fellowship, devotion, conversation, prayer, support and Community Outreach.

Book of Galatians Study & Outreach

Time: Bi-weekly, 6-8pm

Location: Maysville Residence, WV

Group Leader: Denny & Anitra Moyer

A study on the book of Galatians from the Apostle Paul.  This will be a great time of fellowship, devotion, conversation, prayer, and we will have times of outreach as well.


Triple S x 2

Time: Bi-Weekly / 8am

Location: Travel to Location, As Needed.

Group Leader: Terry Hardy

Triple Sx2 is an outreach that will help those in need of firewood being sawed, split, & stacked.  A time of devotion and prayer will begin each service meeting.

Young Adults (18 - 25 years old)

Time: Bi-weekly / 10am

Location: Petersburg Residence, WV

Group Leader: Josh Stickley

Study & Fellowship for young adults, both in school and working from the ages of 18-25.