India Missions Trip – McKenzie Clark

Thankfully, the closest most of us get to Human Trafficking is a documentary on TV or reading a news article, but sadly this epidemic affects thousands of people each year. A missions team from D.C., including Moorefield native McKenzie Clark, will be going to India, considered by some to be the epicenter of Human Trafficking, to help provide restorations to victims. Below is a brief note from Mckenzie about her trip and their goals.

“On February 12th, I will be traveling to India as a member of a mission team from National Community Church in D.C. to help victims of human trafficking. My team of nine will be partnering with organizations such as the International Justice Mission (IJM) in Mumbai and then traveling to Pune to help an organization called Sparsh which works with children who are at risk to be sold into slavery. Our mission is to bring hope and joy into the lives of women and children who have been used and abused by this horrendous industry.

In the summer of 2011, I was able to live in Israel for two months while studying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This experience opened my eyes to hurt and suffering beyond what many of us will ever know in our lifetime. Since my experience living in the Middle East, I have felt called to travel to these places, connect with people, give them hope, and most importantly, share it with others.

I have been blessed beyond my wildest imaginations with family and friends who have made these experiences possible for me. Although I will never be able to truly repay them, the best I can do is make their support go far enough to change a life, even if it is for one moment.

Our group’s prayer is that our heart’s will be broken from what we have seen, but that we will know God sees all (Psalm 33:13-15) and remain steadfast that our job is to let the world know that He has forgotten no one. (John 14:18)

The following is the link to our fundraising website:

At this website it will give a list of every team member. Every member is required to reach $2600. Any donation over that will go towards our general fund which we plan to use to buy a bus for Sparsh which will allow them to transport the children living there.

My personal donation page:

Church mission site:

Please contact me if you would like to know any more information about the church, mission, or issue!”

We are proud of you McKenzie and we will be praying for safety and provision.