Thursday Night Prayer Group

Tonight is Thursday Night Prayer & Pray Kids.  I want to encourage everyone to do your best to make it out to this important event each week.  Prayer is our most powerful resource and to get to where God wants us to go, we must be a people of prayer.

Thursday Prayer is a relaxed, informal time of prayer.  We simply play music and pray.   Some choose to pray at the altar, while other pray at their seats.  No one is going to call you out and ask you to pray out loud, or ask you to lead anything.

If you have children, by all means, bring them.  Our Children’s Department has a wonderful program called PRAY KIDS that is sure to bless your little one.

Now, I fully understand as well as anyone how busy our schedules are, but I will just be blunt and say it like this, we make time for everything else, surely we can come together in unity and pray for one hour.

So put aside all your reservations and excuses and come out 7 -8 p.m. tonight and join us as we lift up our prayer needs to God.  I know that as we pray, good things will happen.


Pastor Chris