Time Keeps on Slipping…..

Hello everyone.   I’m really excited about the brand new believersvictorycenter.com.  This site is cutting edge and I again tip my hat to Jason Cooke and his awesome staff at JCI Media in Winchester, VA.  I will actually go another step with this shout out to JCI and say if you are looking for a web or print designer that is on the cutting edge then I would highly recommend these guys.  Hmmmm….wonder if that will get us a discount?  🙂

Anyway, ever so often I will be posting a blog concerning tips and highlights on some of the great features our site has to offer.  Today I want to highlight a cool little deal recently added to the site.    At the bottom right of the site you will find something called BVC E-News.  Simply insert your email address into the box, click the SIGNUP tab and shazam, you are instantly added to our list of friends and will be the first to be alerted by email each time there is a news, announcement, or blog post.  How cool is that?  (Waiting for you to try it out……go ahead, you know you want to)

Moving on……Last week I took my family to one of my favorite hideouts.  (Location Intentionally Withheld.  Sorry.)  At my hideout,  cell service and internet connections give way to beautiful water and awesome scenery.   We were there about an hour when Carson and I decided that we had been on dry land long enough and we gave in to the alluring call of the river.   As my son splashed in the water and threw rocks I thought about how I played in the exact same part of the river when I was a kid.  (Possibly just gave away my secret hideout to some locals)  It only seemed like yesterday when I was the kid chunking rocks and enjoying the water.  Where did the time go?

Moments like the evening at the river with my family,  thinking about how time has passed so quickly give me even more resolve to live life to it’s fullest.   Every day is a gift from God and I wonder how many times we let that gift just slip through our hands without getting the most out of it.   One of the ways that our day, our gift from God, slips through our hands is that we live outside of the moment. I certainly do not advocate living totally for the moment, but many times we so lose focus that we miss the moment that God is giving us.

We find ourselves looking back,  living in some past situation and the present moment flies by us.  It’s been said many times, but it bears repeating, there is a reason why our rear view mirrors in our vehicles are very small compared to the windshield.  The reason is simply this:  What is in front of us, that we are currently traveling through,  is way more important than what is behind us.

I know it’s tempting to keep looking back, but I have realized that our past is just that, PAST.  It’s passed us, it’s gone, and no matter how much you look back, it can’t be changed.  You can regret it, you can love it, you can wish for it again, or wish it never happened,  but at the end of the day, you can’t change it.

I have also realized that vehicles don’t come with a set of binoculars built in, because what is way out ahead of us doesn’t matter if you can’t safely navigate through your present situation.  It’s easy to fall into this “ONE DAY” mentality.  One day I will be happy.  One day I will be prosperous.  One day I will be the parent I need to be.  And as we look ahead we again let the moment pass by not even realizing that our tomorrow is wrapped up in our today.  What we do on a daily basis is determining our futures.  And if we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we’ve been getting.   To have a better future, I have to do something with this moment that I have been blessed with.

Let me take this thought just a bit further and say as Christians we can be terrible at this “One Day” mentality that I am writing about.  Many times we get this mind frame that we are just waiting for heaven.  I believe with all my heart that God has prepared a place for those that believe in Him, but I also believe that I’m allowed to be on this earth for a reason and a purpose.   And that purpose is not setting around waiting until one glad morning when this life is over so I can fly away.

As I write this I am overwhelmed with the realization that I am writing to movers and shakers of their generation.  God has placed purposes, pursuits, passions and plans in your life.  Don’t miss the moment.  Quit staring back into the rear view mirror of life and quit waiting until you get to the “Other Shore” and LIVE TODAY!  The opportunity of a lifetime must be taken advantage of in the lifetime of the opportunity. God has given you the gift of today.  What will you do with it?

As always, I’m praying God’s best for your life.