IGNITE Youth Camp 2010

IGNITE Youth Camp 2010 will be remembered as a huge success.  The BVC Youth Department, led by Pastor Scott & Renee Fawley absolutely knocked it out of the park.

As the Lead Pastor of Believers Victory Center I am aware of the work that it takes to pull off a camp this size and I couldn’t be more proud of all the volunteers and BVC staff that made this year’s camp great.

My deepest gratitude goes out to the following people:

Pastor Scott & Renee Fawley – Guys, you have been a breath of fresh air to me personally and this ministry.   The IGNITE Youth Department and the Believers Victory Center is blessed to have quality people like you on board.

Amanda Ours – I know the work you put into this camp and I am really proud of you.  Can’t imagine what kind of mess we would have had without your organization on the front end of this great project.

CAMP COUNSELORS – Sharon Wratchford, Tammy Gilbert, Jessica Crites, Kyle Stump, Jared Wratchford, Roger Ours, Rita Young – Can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for you all.  Taking a week of your vacation time to invest in our youth is simply amazing.  I know your investment is going to have huge returns.  Thank you so much.

Lee & Norman – Thanks for staying up all night and keeping everyone safe.  You guys rock.

KITCHEN STAFF – Brenda Smith, Harry Smith, David Smith, Deb Sites, Deb Metheny, & Kathy Whetzel  – Once again, you did an outstanding job at keeping us all well fed.  Thank you so much for the hard work.  I don’t want to think of doing camp without great people like you in the kitchen.

Brian Miller – You dedication to the Kingdom and to our church amazes me.  From being our resident trucker, to helping our Sound Team set up, to being a camp counselor, you did everything with excellence and joy.  Thanks for being flexible.  Can’t imagine doing ministry without people like you.

BVC PRAISE TEAM – Mike & Jose Lobo, Hunter Williams, Brian Wilson, Kyle Stump, Sharon Ours, Loretta Spencer, Denise Hose, Shane Keplinger, Carter Williams, Amanda Ours, Kenya Hinger  – Thank you for rushing to camp each night to help lead our youth in praise.  You did good.  Real good.

BVC SOUND & TECH TEAM – Jimmy Sherman & Joe Young – Thanks for making us all sound good.  Few realize the work that goes into setting up audio for an event like this.  You guys did great.  Thank you so much.

Chris Devault – You presence at camp this year was much needed and very much appreciated.  Felt like old times again.  We all love you and miss you deeply.  Thank you so much for the great help.

Mitch & Teresa Pennington, Krista & Shannon, Hunter Williams – Many thanks for staffing the amusement stations in the blazing heat.  The kids, little and big, had a blast.

MEDICAL TEAM – Pam Elmore, Amy Kump, Deb Smith – Ladies, you are all awesome!  Thanks for being on hand to keep us well.

Seth Franco – You got some mad skills bro.  Our campers were really touched by your message.  Thanks for coming to WV.

Chad Furlong – From San Diego to WV.  WOW.  Can anyone say culture shock!  Thanks for being with us all week.  You connected in a deep way with the campers.  I am so thankful for you.

Shane & Tina Keplinger – Thank you both.  The animals were a huge hit and the lesson you tied in with it was perfect.  You guys are awesome.

BVC Congregation – Thanks for being a “Youth Friendly” church.  Without your support and giving, none of this would be possible.

THE CAMPERS – Thanks for coming to IGNITE Youth Camp 2010.  You are the best.  I am so excited to see the great things that you will do in this life as you STAND for HIM.

ANYONE I MISSED – I won’t be so naive to think that I remembered everyone, so if I missed you, please know that I am grateful for the part you played in our youth camp.

If you were involved with this year’s camp,
take a moment and leave us a comment about your experience.
We would love to hear from you.

Praying God’s best for you.



  • Renee

    July 14, 2010


    I want to echo the pastor's thanks for everyone who was involved in helping with camp. And to you pastor, for always being behind us in all we do. We are so blessed to have the support of a wonderful congregation. This was Scott's vision and it is amazing to see it come to pass. It was worth all the time that Brendan and I gave him up! I can truly say that after seeing the campers receive so much from God through this camp. I pray that all the seeds that were planted throughout the week will take hold and become much fruit…we serve an awesome God!

  • Rita

    July 14, 2010


    I was so totally blessed to get to know new kids. To have seen the growth in the kids I already knew, the changes in personalitys and watch them open up and let stuff out, was wonderful.I Love these kids so much. I don't even feel that I sacrificed anything that equals the blessings that I received. Thanks to you all for allowing me to be involved.

  • lee

    July 14, 2010


    wow i dont even know what to say about camp. i went to many church camps as a kid and i can tell u that this camp was so much stronger. i got more from god this past week at camp then i did in the 6-8 yrs of church camp i did as a kid. i connected with kids and found out just how much of a spot in my heart i have for children. through staying up all night chattin with norm to sleeping just a few hours so i could be up with the kids god really did a lot in me. i am so thankful to have been able to help this year and hope i can help with many more to come. pastor scott and renee u guys really bring it to the kids and i think that is just so awesome. god bless u all.

  • Swratchford

    July 14, 2010


    Most of you that know me know that I'm not a camper! I enjoy my luxuries, however, last week completed my second year as a counselor and I must admit, it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have gotten to know the youth and watch as GOD moves in their lives. I think any of us who have had the great pleasure of spending time at camp will agree, these kids are AWESOME! What a priviledge to get to spend some time with them and speak into their lives. CAMP is off the hook, what a great job, Pastor Scott, Renee and Amanda do to make this experience a great one. Looking forward to next year. Blessings, Sharon Wratchford

  • Christine

    July 15, 2010


    I was fortunate enough to come to camp Thursday night, and I was really blessed. To see all the teens praising God, and dancing and singing was heart warming. I loved hearing the testimony from the basketball player. I know my son had a wonderful time, as he did last year, and he is already looking forward to next years camp. Thank you to a wonderful Pastor, and all the members who helped out and made this possible for our teens.

  • Jimmy Sherman

    July 15, 2010


    We are so blessed to be part of something so great! The BVC really love our youth and it is times like this that it really shows. Thanks for all the hard work that everyone put into making this camp a huge success.

  • scott fawley

    July 15, 2010


    I too want to personally thank all that were involved. Your sacrifice is truly appreciated.

    Amanda thanks for all that you do behind the scenes, I truly, truly appreciate your labors.

    Renee thanks for putting up with me during the planning and final push, you too are a very valuable behind the scenes worker, I love you and appreciate you.

    Lady counselors – Sharon, Rita, Jessica and Tammy – once again your leadership to the girl campers was nothing short of excellent. Thanks for everything.

    Guys counselors – Roger, Jared, Brian and Kyle – awesome job – thanks for all your patience with the campers, your are shining examples of Godly men that our male youth need.

    Kitchen staff – I gained 5 pounds at camp – no joke – what more can I say. Looking forward to next years menu.

    Nightwatch Norm and Lee – I commend you for your dilegence and attention to detail. Your task at camp was very daunting and just as critical as any.

    Praise team – thanks for your willingness to serve and your personal sacrifice not just at camp but year round. You are each awesome and a blessing. Sorry I kept you out so late Wednesday night.

    Nurses thanks for applying the bandaids and giving the meds and for always being ready to give some tender care.

    To all who helped with the amusements – it sure was hot – but the kids enjoy them – I hope you did as well.

    Jimmy and Joe – many thanks to you guys – without your efforts most of what we do wouldn't even be possible.

    Thanks to Pastor and the entire BVC congreagtion for support in allowing this event to happen. I believe our youth are blessed by it and are looking forward to doing it again next year.

  • Sfawley

    July 16, 2010


    Also a big thank you to Tina and Shane – the animal demo was awesome. Tina I was so impressed by the way you tied everything together. Thanks for taking the time to come out.

    ANd how can we forget the wood for our awesome nights of campfire's!!!!

  • AlisonWestfall

    July 16, 2010


    Camp this year was so amazing! We all came together and had fun, and not only that, we found God every night. The special guest were very good, but even if we didnt have those, BVC would deliver a top notch service night. STAND was a place we found ourself, God, and what he wants for us. So a biiig special thanks to everyone that took part in Ignight Youth's STAND 2010 Camp (:

  • Jwratchf

    July 18, 2010


    AMAZING is all I can say about camp! It's not a sacrifice at all to take a week out of the summer and witness what all God has in store for our youth. I can't wait until next year! Thanks and much love out to everyone involved!

  • Norman Delawder

    July 27, 2010


    It was really great watching everyone enjoying everything all week.
    it was great watching Gods work in those youth and counselors,I enjoyed every minute of the camp,and would love to be part of it again next year.

  • terra

    July 28, 2010


    Camp was so much fun! The activities, games, services, guests, and bonding made this year so much fun! I will never forget the new friends i made and the time i spent with old friends, counselors, and most importantly God. I can't wait until next year! (:

  • Kylestump

    July 28, 2010


    Camp was AMAZING this year!!!! I know I got as much out of it as the youth did!!! Thanks for the chance to serve.

  • ashley

    August 4, 2010


    the camp was awesome meeting new friends andspending time with god i had so much fun and cant wait till next year!!!!!!!!!!!


    August 8, 2010


    Camp was awsome it changed my life!!!! I loved it!! i meat alot of new people and i learned a lot of new things!! My fav night was the night seth was there that night was awsome because all of the adults prayed with us and we cryed together and it was just so cool to see how many people really love u and care about u!!!!!!! IT WAS A LIFE CHANGING EVENT!! 🙂

  • tessa

    August 16, 2010


    i loved camp! if you don't know god, your life will change. i meet so many friends. we laughed, cryed, and most of all…..praised god and had fun.

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